The Congress Center

The conference will be held at Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIIIin the heart of the city.

Since its inauguration in 1908, Palazzo Rezzara has been defined as"an out of the ordinary undertaking": a building of 3,500 square metres, a masterly construction which even today is considered as one of the most prestigious buildings in the city.
Due to its excellent architecture, it has been the seat of various city institutions, an important hotel and the celebrated Rubini Theatre, inaugurated in 1907.
Today it is home to the well-known Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII, equipped with 12 multifunctional spaces, exhibition areas, advanced technology and services suitable for every requirement. Hidden away in the heart of the building, the Centro Congressi gives a dramatic view of prestige and innovation, from the designer stained glass and modern furnishings to the charming roof garden perfect for catering and coffee breaks.